An Apple Day event held on Saturday 15 October at the Huntingdonshire Community Plant and Tree Nursery in Godmanchester proved to be a huge success, with around 150 visitors, including lots of families.

Many local people attended who had never been to the Nursery before to join in with activities such as a Fruity Trail for families, making juice with an apple press using the fruit from the nursery’s apple trees and guessing the weight of the apple boxes. There was also a barbeque and a cafe serving delicious homemade cakes.

Cllr Robin Carter, whose executive responsibilities include Countryside Services, said: "There was a great turnout at this event, and we were very glad to have received enquiries from some people asking to become regular volunteers at the site. Apple Day was a great opportunity to increase awareness of the heritage apple varieties that grow in our orchard. People had the opportunity to ‘try before buying’ 13 varieties of apples, as well as have a go at pressing windfall apples to make juice to drink."

Visitors were also able to stock up on nursery grown plants and produce.

Huntingdonshire District Council Ranger, Brian Gardner, said: "Adults and children always enjoy having a go with the apple press to make juice. We used our apples which have been grown in the orchard at the Nursery. We had plenty as this year has been a great year for producing apples. The trees in our orchard have been laden down with fruit. The wildlife at the Nursery are benefiting from this as well as our visitors!”

The Community Plant and Tree Nursery is open to the public from 9am to 4pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays 12 November and 10 December. The Nursery is situated behind 25 Park Lane, Godmanchester. Limited parking is available on site.