At a special meeting of full council on 29 June, which was held to debate proposals for a devolution deal, Huntingdonshire District Council members began proceedings by unanimously agreeing a motion condemning xenophobia and hatred.

Members symbolically all stood together whilst Deputy Executive Leader Cllr Jonathan Gray proposed the motion, which read:

"We are proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society. Racism, xenophobia and hate crimes have no place in our country. We at Huntingdonshire District Council condemn racism, xenophobia and hate crimes unequivocally. We will not allow hate to become acceptable.

"Huntingdonshire District Council will work to ensure local bodies and programmes have the support and resources needed to fight and prevent racism and xenophobia.

"We wish to reassure all people living in Huntingdonshire that they are valued members of our community."

Cllr Gray said: "Huntingdonshire has a diverse, multi-cultural population and this is something we should be celebrating. Xenophobia, racism and hatred will absolutely not be tolerated, and I’m sure that the majority of our residents will support our condemnation of such abhorrent behaviour."