Additional funding of £117,825 has been awarded by central government to Huntingdonshire District Council to spend on the provision of adaptations to disabled people’s homes to help them better access, and move around, their homes and gardens.

Home adaptations can be a welcome intervention for many, enabling people to live independently and safely. The funding was awarded to local authorities who were able to commit to spending the funding in the current financial year.

Cllr Ryan Fuller, Executive Councillor for Housing and Planning, said: "The council has a large programme of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG), and this additional financial support is a welcome move to ensure that residents in Huntingdonshire continue to receive the adaptations they need.

"As well as the additional funding from government, the council has already taken steps to increase its own financial support to the DFG programme by increasing expenditure for the third year in a row. At our council meeting on 21 February, councillors agreed to increase the planned DFG budget to £1.9m for 2018/19, up from £1.3m in 2017/18."

The Disabled Facilities Grants programme has improved the lives of many people. The council is pleased to work with Cambridgeshire Home Improvement Agency, a shared council service created in 2012 with South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City Councils, who provide the practical help to enable people to achieve their adaptations. Working with them, recent adaptations have included helping support a family with a young child whose complex health needs meant that the child was no longer able to access the upstairs of their home, including the bedroom and bathroom. The family was finding it increasingly difficult to care for the child who requires 24-hour adult supervision and the council was able to provide funding for an extension to their property to provide a downstairs bedroom and bathroom which they could not otherwise fund.

Cllr Fuller added: "I am proud that in circumstances such as these Huntingdonshire District Council is able to offer the help and support that our most vulnerable residents require in their time of need. The work we are doing is enabling people to adapt their homes to better suit their needs, the impact of which is often life-changing."