Council Tax Support – Working Age

What is a Non-Dependant deduction?

A non-dependant is someone who is aged over 18 and who normally lives with you. This may be an adult son, daughter, relative or friend. Boarders, sub-tenants and people jointly responsible for the rent or council tax with you are not classed as non-dependants

Does the money paid by Non-Dependants for their keep, count as income for Council Tax Support purposes?

No, we do not use the money paid by a non-dependant to you. Instead, we use fixed deductions to your Council Tax Support entitlement based on the circumstance and gross income of each non- dependant(s). For non-dependant couples we only make one deduction based on the gross joint income for the non-dependant couple.

The rates of deduction we will use are listed below.

When are deductions not made?

We do not make deductions for any non-dependant if the person claiming Council Tax Support or their partner is:

  • registered blind
  • getting Attendance Allowance or Constant Attendance Allowance
  • getting Disability Living Allowance Care element at any rate or Personal Independence Payment Daily Living Allowance component or AFIP award

Or if the non-dependant:

  • is aged under 18 - but a deduction will be made from his/her 18th birthday
  • is doing a youth training scheme or apprenticeship
  • is going to college as a full time student
  • is still at school and child benefit remains in payment for them
  • normally lives elsewhere

Changes to your Circumstances

Once you start to receive Council Tax Support, you must tell us straight away of any changes in your circumstances. This is very important where we are making a non-dependant deduction on your claim. You can report You can report your changes in circumstances.

Weekly Non-Dependant deductions appropriate for 2018/2019

Council Tax Support Deductions - Working Age

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Income type Weekly deduction
Aged over 18 and working more than 16 hours per week £7
Aged 18 or over and not working 16 hours per week £5

* working is defined as 16 hours per week or more