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Refuse truck with your drawing

Calling young artists in Huntingdonshire: This competition could see your artwork on the side of our bin trucks!

The competition opens on 5 June and closes on 10 July 2023.

Email your drawing/artwork to

From January to April, the contents of over 3,800 blue recyclable bins were sent to landfill as their content weren't fully recyclable or contained black sacks. This number equates to roughly 33,000kg. We are estimating that this emitted between 23.1 - 56.1 tonnes of Co2.

What does that mean? 50 tonnes of Co2 are the equivalent of flying from London to New York City and back over 50 times! Here is what 1 tonne of Co2 represents:

One ton of CO2 equals 6060km by car, 1 year in a 25m apartment, 1 return trip Paris - Casablanca, 250 trips between Paris - Marseille, the manufacture of 300 reams of peper, the production of 13703 chicken fillets

Image Source:

The good news is that this can be reduced simply by recycling properly.

To invite Huntingdonshire residents to recycle more effectively, we are calling for our young artists to create a recycling poster. The winning poster(s) will be installed on the sides of the collection vehicles!

Recycling is one key, yet easy, action we can all take to reduce our environmental footprint. Children are aware that we should be doing more to better care for our planet, and we would love to see how their minds represent that!

We are calling for all young artists to create artwork to encourage people to recycle correctly.

There are two age categories for the competition: category A, ages 3-6 years inclusive, and category B, ages 7-11 years inclusive.

Not sure where to start? Need some inspiration?

Here are some key challenges our district is facing / creative suggestions:

  • black sacks don't go in the recycling bins (which is typically the blue bin) - this is our biggest issue

  • polystyrene, textile, wood, and food don't go in the recycling bins

  • soiled recyclable materials (usually from food)

  • use an A4 in landscape mode

  • explain why recycling is important to you

  • a key message you think is important

  • use strong coloured pencils or pens or get creative and use upcycled materials! (for example plastic bags, plastic packaging, bottles, and cans)

  • make sure your artwork can be photographed or printed and installed onto our collection vehicle.

The winners will have their artwork printed and installed onto one of our collection vehicles. They will also be invited to visit our depot and be one of the first to see their design in place

To check if you are recycling correctly, view our What Goes in Which Bin page.

If you have any questions, please email

By entering the competition, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the competition.

1. The closing date for the poster competition is midnight on Friday 10 July 2023.

2. Entries must be one page only, and entries will need to be submitted electronically, this can be done by taking a photo or scan of the poster and sending it to 

3. This competition is for children up to and including the age of 11. There are two age categories for the competition: category A, ages 3-6 years inclusive, and, category B, ages 7-11 years inclusive.

4. When choosing the winners, judges will be looking for posters that promote the increase in effective recycling in a visually impactful way.

5. The artwork should be A4, a landscape in orientation, and drawn using strong coloured pencils or pens or produced using digital media. If using digital media, please use original photos and artwork (no stock images).

6. The winning design will be printed and installed onto a collection vehicle.

7. The winners may be required to participate in some promotional media activity including photographs of the entrant, on social media, websites, and press.

8. The entry requires participants to email in a digital copy of their poster along with the entrant's first name, age, school, and contact details for parent/guardian. Please note, the data submitted will be used for the administration of the competition.

9. Winners will be announced on the Huntingdonshire Recycles social media platforms, contacted directly, and invited to visit the Huntingdonshire District Council depot to see their design in place.

10. Only entries from Huntingdonshire will be accepted to compete.