Recovering from the impact of COVID

The effect of the COVID pandemic on people and the local economy will be long-lasting and it is expected things will never return to the pre-pandemic state for some areas of our lives. We have seen a huge change in behaviours from our residents and are taking active steps in making sure we support areas where COVID has had a damaging impact, whilst trying to make the positive impacts of the pandemic more sustainable. Our programme of work is concentrated on key areas of our residents’ lives and district where we can make a change for the better.

COVID has a damaging impact:

  • working to support our local businesses re-open safely and provide them with a digital presence if they didn’t already have one

  • working to encourage people to return safely to the High Street areas in our 4 Market Towns

  • working to support residents to be more physically active and resilient to the health impacts of COVID

  • supporting the work placements of 16-24 years olds through the government Kickstart initiative.

COVID has had a positive impact:

  • working to make community groups, for example: food banks, job clubs established and more sustainable

  • creating a new service to offer advice and information to residents about a range of concerns they may have, for example: paying bills, getting a job

  • working to develop the current walking and cycling routes across the district

  • supporting the community groups to grow the number of volunteers.