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In partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC), Kimbolton and Stonely Parish Council have launched their Health Inequalities Project, funded through Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System.

Kimbolton and Stonely Parish Council, one of the 15 groups working on the Health Inequalities Project, have been awarded a further £7,500, after completing a consultation within the village, asking residents what they would like to see in their local area to address health needs.

Kimbolton and Stonely Parish Council will continue to fund their successful Strength and Balance Class, delivered by the One Leisure Active Lifestyles Team. This class is free to residents, and was originally set up in October 2022. The successful pilot period means it can remain free to residents for longer.

The Strength and Balance class, which combines strength, balance and coordination exercises to target and improve mobility, agility and flexibility, is held at the Scout building in Kimbolton, which is adjacent to the Mandeville Hall, weekly, on Thursdays 11am - 12pm.

The funding will also enable the Parish Council to continue to offer local residents the use of Kimbolton School's Swimming Pool. They aim to train a local Aqua Fit instructor, so the session can transition into a regular Aqua Fit class. The Swimming Session is held at Kimbolton School on Thursdays 7pm - 8pm.

Clerk to Kimbolton and Stonely Parish Council, Lionel Thatcher, said: "This project is a wonderful way of encouraging people to make the effort and improve their physical activity levels. We have been encouraged by the enthusiastic response of those attending and the fact that all are keen to continue to make exercise a part of their lives in future.

"As well as the Strength and Balance class, the District Council's grant has enabled us to hire Kimbolton School's swimming pool each week with the intention of supplying Aqua-fit sessions. Unfortunately, we have lost our instructor and are seeking a replacement. Should anyone know of a local Aqua-fit Instructor, or of someone willing to train as one, please let me know. Pending finding one, we are continuing to provide open swimming at the pool free of charge to anyone interested."

Executive Councillor for Community and Health, Cllr Ben Pitt, said: "The activities Kimbolton and Stonely Parish Council are offering their local residents is brilliant to see. Strength and Balance classes and swimming are not only a way to improve fitness and mobility, but also provide a social group for those attending.

"I encourage all local residents to get involved with the opportunities to keep fit and active. They provide valuable opportunities and support around staying active, independent and healthy."

Kit Connick, Chief Officer of Strategy and Partnerships at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System, said; "It Is great to see additional support going to the local community, providing continued activity sessions and, in the long-term, permanent classes.

"Asking local people what they would like to see in their community to help them stay well and healthy is the most effective way for health and care services to respond to the needs of each community, and as such make a real and sustainable difference to local people’s lives."

Find out more about the Health Inequalities Project.

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