Huntingdonshire District Council has introduced a new partnership with two local reuse charities - Hope Shop in Huntingdon and Caresco in Sawtry. The partnership will help people access safe and affordable furniture from bulky waste collections collected from across the district.

Marge Beuttell, Executive Councillor for Operations and Environment said: "The partnership began as a result of refuse crews noticing the amount of good quality furniture from bulky waste collections going to waste each week. We decided to contact local reuse charities in the area to see what we could divert from landfill.

"We aspire to get a network of local charities we can work in partnership with, which will enable our team to reduce the amount going to landfill as possible and more importantly, enabling people to access good quality furniture. If you’ve got items of furniture or electrical goods you no longer want, think twice before throwing anything away, because if donated, they could be of value to someone in your community."

There are around 10 million household items that go to landfill every year, out of which three million could be reused (Furniture Reuse Network FRN statistics).

Hope Shop sells re-loved and pre-loved furniture goods at an affordable price. The Man Cave (Caresco) is all about social connections and building friendships as well as a place to practice new skills.

Huntingdonshire District Council offers a bulky waste collection service to remove bulky household waste which is over 25kgs and/or does not fit in your wheeled bin. 

If you'd like to know more about how to recycle effectively, you can sign up to Recycle for Huntingdonshire on Facebook.