Huntingdonshire District Council has celebrated the adoption of the Houghton and Wyton Parish Flood Plan, as a great example of a parish proactively planning and taking steps to reduce the impact of any future flood events.

Houghton and Wyton community flood action group presented Houghton and Wyton Parish Council’s flood plan to Executive Councillor for Community Resilience and Well-Being, Councillor Simon Bywater and Executive Councillor for Strategic Planning and Emergency Planning, Jon Neish.

(L) Cllr Jon Neish_ (M) Chair of Houghton _ Wyton Community Flood Action Group_ Steve Hodgson_ (R) Cllr Simon Bywater

This work follows a review Huntingdonshire District Council conducted of local flood arrangements with key partners earlier in the year to ensure that all steps are being taken to try and prevent and reduce the damage caused by future flooding events.

The Flooding Review, carried out by a cross party overview and scrutiny group, involved key partners including Cambridgeshire County Council as the Local Lead Flood Authority, the Environment Agency (with responsibility for major rivers), and Anglian Water as Huntingdonshire’s local water company.

The District Council sent all parish councils a letter earlier in the year urging communities to be aware of the risks and steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of a flood.

Cllr Jon Neish said: "Following the events of last Christmas, Huntingdonshire District Council reviewed local flood arrangements to see how we could reduce the impact caused by flooding.

"Events like this have a significant impact on our residents, communities and local businesses and can destroy livelihoods.

"We strongly welcome the steps Houghton and Wyton Parish Council have taken on behalf of their communities, having just finished their plan. I want to encourage all residents and parishes to follow their lead and take steps to plan for what they would do in the event of flood conditions in the future."

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