Cllr Steve Criswell has been appointed as Huntingdonshire District Council’s Executive Councillor for Recovery.

With the growing workload associated with COVID-19 recovery in the district, the Executive Leader, Cllr Ryan Fuller, has taken the decision to appoint Cllr Criswell as a new cabinet member to support this vital programme of work.

Cllr Fuller said: "As we know, the effects of the pandemic on people and the local economy will be long-lasting and it is expected things will never return to the pre-pandemic state for some areas of our lives.

"To help individuals, businesses and organisations recover, we have developed a programme of work that is concentrated on key areas where we can make positive changes to the district and build resilience for the future.

"Whether it is offering employment opportunities, supporting health and wellbeing initiatives or encouraging people to shop locally, our response makes sure that we are laying the foundations for a stronger future for everyone across the district.

"Cllr Criswell is an experienced and able councillor and I am certain that he will succeed in delivering this vital portfolio of recovery activity."

Following his appointment as Executive Councillor for Recovery, Cllr Criswell said: "I am proud to take on the role as Executive Councillor for Recovery and lead this important programme of work.

"We have seen a huge change in behaviours from our residents and are taking active steps in making sure we support areas where COVID has had a damaging impact, whilst trying to make the positive impacts of the pandemic more sustainable.”

View more information about our COVID-19 recovery programme.