Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) recognises the importance of healthy, active lifestyles and wants to support people with diabetes to be more active through its in-house leisure provider, One Leisure. ‘Undefeatables’ is a discounted membership for a period of nine months, which includes activities such as badminton, squash, cyclone (indoor cycling), the gym, fitness classes, and swimming, amongst other targeted activities delivered across One Leisure.

If you are currently inactive (undertaking less than 30 minutes of physical activity and/or exercise) and recently diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, the Huntingdonshire Undefeatables [Diabetes] Scheme could help you to manage your condition and support you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Executive Councillor for Community Resilience and Well-Being, Cllr Simon Bywater, said: "This is an exciting new offer for those many individuals diagnosed with diabetes who are currently inactive.

"The evidence strongly supports a wide range of benefits of exercising for managing diabetes. This is a great kickstart for giving people the helping hand they may need to start their own journey towards a more healthy active lifestyle"

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