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A new avenue of fruit trees has been planted on Oxmoor Lane in Huntingdon.

The 114 purple leaf plum trees have been planted down a stretch of green, open space known as Oxmoor Lane. The trees will bloom pink in the spring and provide fruit in the summer that residents are welcome to harvest.

In addition to the new avenue of trees, a bulb mix will be planted between the trees, and floral meadow mix on either side, creating a 7 metre wide corridor. This mixture of planting will be in flower from February, through August, providing plenty of colour to the area.

Executive Councillor for Leisure, Waste and Street Scene, Cllr Simone Taylor said: "New tree planting initiatives are always exciting to be involved in and it is great to see the addition of these trees and flowers in Oxmoor Lane. Not only will the planting improve the biodiversity of the area, but it will also be a great asset for the community surrounding it. We hope residents enjoy the colour this new avenue of trees and planting brings to the area, as well as the benefit to nature."

Executive Councillor for Climate and Environment, Cllr Lara Davenport-Ray, said: "Feedback shows that Huntingdonshire residents want their council to plant more trees and create richer habitat for wildlife. This investment in nature will create a stepping stone for biodiversity in the centre of a built-up area. Plus, Oxmoor residents will have a colourful display to enjoy for seven months each year."

The trees were sourced locally and planted using biodegradable hessian tree ties and mulch that was made by the council’s in-house Arboriculture team. This planting initiative was funded by a Section 106 (S106) contribution from a nearby development. S106 contributions are given by developers and spent towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure.

The planting took place in conjunction with 'National Tree Week' which runs annually. The promotional week sets out the UK's largest annual tree celebration and encourages local authorities, communities, and individuals to plant as many trees and plants as possible.

Cllrs Planting (Left to right: Cllr Lara Davenport-Ray, Cllr Simone Taylor)    Newly prepared planting areas for bulbs and flowers alongside the corridor of 114 trees