A district-wide survey carried revealed that 88% of 486 responses from residents were very satisfied with their general rubbish (black bin) collection service, whereas satisfaction was much lower for those using communal bins.
The survey, which ran solely online for seven weeks across the summer was advertised through the Council’s website and social media accounts asking residents to rate the Councils performance and share ideas for improving the service.
Respondents who took part in the survey were informed that HDC collects waste and recycling from just under 77,000 properties at an average cost per household of 61 pence per week. Three-quarters of respondents strongly agreed that this was a good value for money.
Whilst consensus was positive, nothing is perfect and there is always learning points to take away, such as opportunities to improve service delivery to those who receive our assisted collection service. 
The survey also highlighted the most popular way to receive information about waste collection services was through leaflets, followed by the Council’s website and via email. 
Other key findings from the survey show:
  • 76% of respondents said their green bin(s) were nearly full on collection day 

  • more than 78% of respondents were happy with the range of items that can be recycled through the kerbside recycling service

  • fewer than 15% said their bins were not returned correctly and 86% were very satisfied with the condition of the street after collections.

Executive Councillor for Operations and Regulation, Marge Beuttell said: “We want to thank residents for taking the time to take part in the survey. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback; however we must not rest on our laurels and ensure we remain focussed on continuing to improve the service we provide, and one way we can do this, is by listening to the communication methods residents wish to be contacted via.”