Six projects make up the St Neots FHSF programme. They were selected from a large number of project ideas. Proposals needed to fit the strategic direction of the town, align to the funding priorities and criteria of the FHSF, maximise value for money for the public sector (costs relative to benefits), and be deliverable within the timeframe with acceptable risks. A longlist of proposals was created through engagement with various stakeholders.

The final six projects, below, were selected through engagement with stakeholders, urban design studies and cost estimation and an options appraisal.

  1. Pedestrian and cycling improvements to St Neots Road Bridge.

  2. St Neots High Street improvements.

  3. Market Square improvements, including removal of car parking, improved public realm and connectivity enhancements.

  4. Redeveloping the Priory Quarter to provide a high-quality event and cultural space and act as an anchor for the redevelopment of the northern parts of the town centre.

  5. Regeneration of the Old Falcon Inn to bring it back into productive use and protect its heritage status.

  6. A new Waterfront Route, including a riverside promenade to create a new attraction in the town centre, which utilises the riverfront of the Great Ouse for leisure and recreation. The proposed route ends at the Priory Centre, with potential for future extension southwards.

HDC secured the final funding required for an ambitious £16.3 million investment programme for St Neots town centre. The funding will deliver the six projects and create transformational change for the market town.

These projects will be delivered in collaboration with delivery partners and key stakeholders including:

  • Cambridgeshire County Council

  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority

  • The UK Government and

  • St Neots Town Council.

FHSF timeline

March 2019, Step 1, expression of interest. July 2020, Step 2, Prepaaring the business case. September 2020, Step 3, Submission of a full bid. The business case, including the 6 projects, was submitted to the government for their consideration.December 2020, Step 4, St Neots was awarded £3.8 million from the Future High Street Fund. This, alongside £5.9 million of funding from Huntingdonshire District Council and £3.1 million from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority means a £12.8 million investment in St Neots. 2021 to 2025, Step 5, engagement - talking to the community and stakeholders about the projects and the future of the town. 2021 to 2025, Step 6, planning - each of the projects will go through a full design, development, planning and procurement process.2023 onwards, Step 7, building work to deliver the projects. 2025 onwards, Step 8, an exciting new town centre that meets the needs of the community, supports local businesses to thrive and attracts visitors.