You can comment on a planning application during the consultation period.

All comments submitted will be publicly available (except for discriminatory comments).

How do I make a comment?

You can comment online using the Public Access System. Please note that some Public Access functions may not be available between 10pm and 1am each day while system back ups are carried out.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to register to be able to make a comment.

Once registered you need to:

  • search for the application you wish to comment on

  • select the comments tab

  • ensure your personal details are correct

  • enter and submit your comments.

You can also make comments on applications in writing. Please make sure you:

  • quote the planning application reference number

  • include your name, address and contact number

  • make it clear whether you are supporting or opposing the application.

Send your comments to:

Planning Services
Huntindonshire District Council
Pathfinder House
St Mary's Street
PE29 3TN

How we deal with your comments

We look at all comments received, but can only take account of matters known as 'material planning considerations' when making a decision.

Examples of what we will consider are:

  • overshadowing - the effect on neighbours' daylight, sunlight or privacy

  • road safety - the impact of traffic, road access, parking and servicing

  • overbearing - the appearance, bulk or height of the scheme

  • design – the density, layout, appearance and materials proposed to be used

  • out-of-character - the impact on the character of the area

  • loss of trees or other important landscape features

  • disturbance - the impact on amenities such as noise or smells generated by the proposal

  • principle - the potential loss of a valued local service or use (such as a shop or a residential flat)

  • conservation - the effect on a listed building or the character of a conservation area.

Examples of what we will not consider include:

  • loss of a private view

  • loss of property value

  • a personal dislike of the developer

  • boundary and other disputes between neighbours, such as private rights of way or covenants.

We will also not consider:

  • offensive statements that have a negative impact on a person's reputation personally or within their trade, profession or business

  • comments that discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability

  • anonymous comments.

By submitting comments you are giving permission to your name and address being placed in the public domain. If you have an overriding legal reason why your address should remain confidential, please contact the planning office for advice in good time before submitting your comments by the relevant deadline.