Ticket machines

All car park ticket machines accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins.

If you are parked in a car park that allows parking for up to 23 hours, you can 'buy through' the free of charge evening period (6pm until 7am the following day). This saves you buying another ticket the following day if you are leaving your vehicle overnight.

Faulty ticket machine?

If you have lost money in a car park machine when trying to buy a ticket:

  • contact the Call Centre on 01480 388388 with your vehicle details so we can investigate the fault and

  • leave a note on the dashboard of your vehicle stating that you tried to buy a ticket.

No refunds will be given. If your claim is found to be fraudulent you may be issued with a penalty notice for failing to display a valid ticket.

Please note that we do not own or manage the car parks at Waitrose, Huntingdon and Lidl, St Neots. Any questions regarding the operation and management of these car parks should be directed to the companies concerned.

Phone and pay

Payment for parking can also be made via Phone and Pay, a cashless parking system that lets you pay by telephone, SMS or smartphone app. You can use this service in all car parks except supermarket car parks (Waitrose in St Ives and St Neots and Sainsbury’s including the multi-storey car park, in Huntingdon).

To use the service, you will need to register your vehicle. You can do this: