Below you will find commonly asked questions about Council Tax. If your query isn't answered here, please email us.

If you qualify and pay by Direct Debit - we will pay the money directly into the bank account that pays your Council Tax after your first payment has been confirmed.

If you qualify and pay by another method - we will contact you shortly asking for bank details in a secure form. Please do not send your bank details by email as we won't be able to use them. If you set up a Direct Debit, we will pay the money into that account but we will also use the instruction to take your monthly Council Tax payments.

More information is available on the Energy Bill Rebate page.

Your property must be in bands A to D and the property must be your sole or main residence. The rebate is not available for empty properties, second homes or exempt properties except those listed below. 

  • Your property is in Band E but you claim disabled band reduction. For more information on this please visit our discount page.
  • You claim an exemption as a student, someone with a severe mental impairment, all residents are under 18 or an occupied annex.

Any queries about your band must be taken up with the Valuation Office Agency where you will also find your Council Tax band.

Additionally a discretionary scheme will be available soon for those not covered above under certain circumstances.

To check your Council Tax account sign in or register at My.Huntingdonshire and follow the instructions. To see personalised information you will need your Council Tax account reference which is shown on your bill (8 digits starting with a "4").

This option has only recently been added and more items will be added to the details you can see in the coming months.

Complete the Direct Debit instruction form online or call us on 01480 388030 - you'll need your bank account number, sort code and Council Tax reference to hand. You can also use this form to change your bank details.

  • If you currently claim single person discount, fill in this form to cancel it.

  • If you don't currently claim single person discount and the additional person is moving from another address in this area, the additional person can fill in this form (select the 'Moving within Huntingdonshire' option).

  • For anything else, please contact us.

See the Payments page for information about how your can pay your Council Tax.

Read the information on the Council Tax Discounts page and contact us if you think a discount applies.

Read the information on the Council Tax Discounts page and contact us for an application form.

Read the information on the Council Tax Discounts page and contact us for an application form.

You can look up your Council Tax band on the Valuation Office Agency's website - you will need your postcode. If you don't know your postcode you can look it up on Royal Mail's postcode finder.

If you are of working age and receive Council Tax Support you will receive an additional reduction to your Council Tax bill of up to £150. You do not need to apply - we will automatically apply the reduction. See the Additional Council Tax Help page for more information.