Who can vote?

Anyone who is listed on the electoral register and:

  • is 18 years of age or over

  • is a British citizen or a citizen of another Commonwealth country or the Republic of Ireland

  • is a citizen of a European Union country.

Voting in person

If your name is on the electoral register and you are aged 18 or over, you should receive a poll card approximately two weeks before an election which tells you where you can vote. All polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

If you know that you will be unable to vote in person, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote in advance.

Where is my polling station?

Find Your Polling Station

You don't need your poll card to vote

If you don't have your poll card, you can go to the polling station and give them your name and address. You don't need to take any other form of ID with you.

Postal vote

Postal votes are usually sent out approximately two weeks before polling day for you to complete and return to us. You do not have to give any reason for asking for a postal vote but note that:

  • you must be registered to vote on the electoral register before you can apply for a postal vote

  • we need to receive your postal vote application at least 11 working days before the election date

  • you can apply for a postal vote for one election, a specified period of time or on a permanent basis

  • a postal vote can be sent to any address you specify (including overseas) but you need to consider whether there would be time for youto receive and return your ballot paper by polling day

  • if you have been sent a postal vote, you cannot vote in person at a polling station. However you can drop your completed postal vote off at your polling station.

Download a Postal Vote Application Form

For more information view the Postal Voting page.

Proxy vote

If you cannot attend the polling station for a specific reason, you can apply for a proxy vote. This is nominating another person to go to the polling station and vote on your behalf. Please note:

  • you must be registered to vote on the electoral register

  • when applying you will need to give a reason as to why you can't attend the polling station, for example illness, disability, employment etc

  • proxy vote applications must be received six working days before an election

  • you can choose to vote by proxy for one election, for a specific period, or permanently. If you are applying for a proxy vote for all elections, you will need to get someone to support your application (further details are available on the application form)

  • if you change your mind and are able to vote in person on the day, you can still do so providing that your proxy nominee has not already voted on your behalf.

Download a Proxy Application Form - For One Election Only

Download all other types of proxy application form

For more information view the Voting by Proxy page.

Postal proxy

If your proxy cannot get to your polling station for you, for example if they are going on holiday, they can apply to vote by post for you. If your proxy does vote by post for you, you will then be unable to vote in person.