Barford Road Pocket Park is a 45 acre site running alongside the Eynesbury Manor housing estate. The park has several types of habitat, ranging from wild flower meadows to still and fast running water. 


The park can be found just off the Ouse Valley Way footpath at Eaton Socon Locks, just a few minutes’ walk from St Neots Community College, the Leisure Centre and Tesco at Eynesbury

Our brochure has a map, directions and lots of information about the site.


There are no indoor facilities at the site.

The park has a number of hard-surfaced footpaths suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs and some benches so you can relax in the lovely surroundings.

Wildlife and management

Areas of the park are managed in different ways, depending on the benefits to the wildlife.

Fencing running along the conservation lake has created a sanctuary for nesting birds and wild flowers. This fencing has allowed a nesting pair of little ring plovers and great crested grebes to breed successfully, as well as the more common mallards, swans and tufted ducks. Skylarks have moved in from surrounding fields and reared chicks on the rough grassland.

There are three areas of wild flower meadows which are cut in rotation to maintain a variety of different stages of plant growth. The results are a large wild flower range including ox eye daisy, comfrey, field scabian, common (hedge) wound-wort, marsh wound-wort and salsify (which is related to the carrot).  The variety of flowers maintains a high number of invertebrates, which in turn improves the small mammal and bird numbers.

There is a wide variety of birds on the site, including reed buntings, reed warblers, sedge warblers and many others. There is also a lizard colony and grass snakes.