Please enter your take home earnings in pounds.


How often is this amount paid to you?


How many deductions are to be made?


Your calculation is as follows:

Based on £ in wages paid and liability order.

  • First Deduction: £
  • Second Deduction: £

deduction £

No deduction is taken on amounts less than £

Deductions are made against the total net earnings (take home earnings). The deduction rate percentages [PDF, size unavailable] are set by central government.

What are earnings?

Wages or salary including any:

  • fees

  • bonus

  • commission

  • overtime pay

  • other pay in addition to wages or salary payable under a contract of service

  • statutory sick pay.

What are net earnings?

For the purpose of a CTAEO, net earnings is the amount that remains after the following deductions:

  • income tax
  • primary Class 1 national insurance contributions
  • superannuation contributions (pension)
  • any deduction with a high priority.