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Bins & Waste

Garden Waste Collections

The new garden waste subscription service started on 1 April 2024. If you have not paid for the new service, your garden bin will no longer be collected.

For residents that have subscribed, the day and schedule that your garden waste bin is collected will not change. Please have your bin out ready for collection before 6.30am on the day, as collection times may vary with the implementation of the new service.

Your sticker can take up to 2 weeks to arrive as we need to process your subscription, add you to our systems, and send out your subscription pack (includes your sticker). Once payment is received and you are added to our systems, you will be included on the next scheduled collection round.

We are responsible for most litter bins within the district, although some are provided by the local town or parish council.

When are litter bins emptied?

How often we empty a litter bin depends on how much it is used. In busy areas some bins are emptied several times a day, while others may only need emptying once a week. We regularly check the usage of our bins and change how often we empty them accordingly. If you see a bin that needs emptying, please report it to us.

Report a Full Bin

New and replacement bins

We research where new bins are needed and install additional bins in places where we identify that litter is being dropped.

While we are committed to providing enough bins to carry out our legal obligations, we will only put bins in areas where there is a genuine need for one. All locations must be approved by the local town or parish council and our Neighbourhoods Service.

We have over 1,500 litter bins across the district. Unfortunately, bins can be the target of vandals and we regularly replace bins that have been burned or badly damaged.

Report a Broken or Damaged Litter Bin