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Bins & Waste

Garden Waste Collections

The new garden waste subscription service started on 1 April 2024. If you have not paid for the new service, your garden bin will no longer be collected.

For residents that have subscribed, the day and schedule that your garden waste bin is collected will not change. Please have your bin out ready for collection before 6.30am on the day, as collection times may vary with the implementation of the new service.

Please allow 2 weeks for us to process your subscription, add you to our systems and send out your subscription sticker. Once you are added to our systems, you will be included on the collection rounds.

Why hasn't my bin been collected?

Bin collections can take place any time between 6.30am and 3pm on your day of collection.

Please check on Facebook and Twitter for updates on bin collections, including locations where there have been issues collecting the bins.

There are a number of reasons your bin might not have been collected, these include:

How to report?

There are 2 ways you can submit a form - via the customer portal or as a guest.

If you have a MyHuntingdonshire customer portal account or would like to create one, click on the Report a Missed Bin Collection via the Customer Portal button below, sign in or register, then scroll down to the 'Bins and Waste - Missed Residential Bin' form. Your personal details will be filled in for you and you will be able to track the progress of your requests and save partially completed forms. 

Report a Missed Bin Collection via the Customer Portal (Recommended)

You can also submit a form as a guest. However, you will not be able to track or receive feedback on your request. Also, our customer services team will only be able to provide limited support if you submit your form outside of the customer portal.

Submit as a Guest

Garden waste subscription not paid for

On 31 March, the existing FREE garden bin service came to an end, and was replaced with a new garden waste subscription service.

Sign up to Garden Waste Subscription Service

Not out on right day or time

The collection routes aren't always done in the same order, so the time of collection can change. It is important that your bin is left at the edge of your property before 6.30am on the day of collection.

Check Your Bin Collection Calendar

Not left in the correct place

Unless you are on an assisted collection your bin needs to be left where your property boundary meets the highway.

Containing the wrong materials

Find out what goes in which bin

It is important to know which bin to use as we can not take a bin that has been 'contaminated' with the wrong kinds of materials.

If we do not collect your bin, we will leave an information hanger on your bin telling you why we have not collected your waste.

Too much waste

If the lid of your bin is open because there is too much waste in it, we won't empty it. We will collect excess recycling waste if you put it in a clear sack next to your bin, but we can not take excess household or garden waste. 

We will leave an information hanger on your bin telling you why we have not collected all or some of your waste.

For an average-sized household, one bin should be big enough to hold all your household waste as long as you are recycling as many materials as possible. You can apply online for an additional household waste bin or an additional recycling bin.

You can also request up to two additional garden waste bins (annual charge of £50 per additional bin).

Bin too heavy

Your bin will not be emptied if our crew members cannot safely move or position it onto the vehicle or if the vehicle cannot lift the bin because of its weight. We will leave an information hanger on your bin telling you why we have not collected all or some of your waste. You will need to remove some rubbish from the bin and put it out for collection on the next scheduled collection date.

We haven't got to it yet

Sometimes we are delayed in collecting bins, especially in bad weather. On a normal day, we should have finished most collections by 3pm.

Please do not contact us to report a missed bin before this time.

We have missed your bin

If none of the issues above apply to you and your bin has been missed, we apologise for the inconvenience. Please report it to us and we will collect it within the next three working days.

Please note that you must contact us within three days of your bin being missed for us to collect it.

Report a Missed Bin

 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on bin collections, including locations where there have been issues collecting the bins.