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Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) proudly hosted a weekend of Climate Conversation events, aiming to increase community dialogue, raise awareness, and encourage collaborative efforts towards a sustainable future.

On 17 November, the Burgess Hall played host to a dynamic conference attended by representatives from parish and town councils, as well as various community and environmental organisations. The event provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions on climate action and environmental conservation.

Executive Councillor for Climate and Environment, Cllr Lara Davenport-Ray said: "We are thrilled by the active participation and enthusiasm shown by local people at the conference. It reflects our collective commitment to proactively address climate issues and work towards a greener, more resilient future for Huntingdonshire."

Following the conference, on 18 November, Hinchingbrooke Country Park transformed into a vibrant hub of eco-friendly activities. Families and residents were invited to drop by and partake in a range of entertaining and educational activities designed to inspire a deeper connection with the environment.

The event featured sustainable activities, information on recording local biodiversity and engaging displays for participants of all ages. Families were encouraged to explore sustainable practices and learn about simple yet impactful changes they could make in their daily lives to contribute to a healthier planet.

Local people can also help record Huntingdonshire’s flora and fauna by downloading the "iNaturalist" app. Every plant and animal added to this online map will help the council build a plan to support nature across the district.

Huntingdonshire District Council remains committed to fostering an ongoing dialogue around climate action. The insights gained and connections made during this weekend will serve as a foundation for future collaborative efforts, ensuring that Huntingdonshire continues to lead in sustainable practices and community engagement.

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