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Upgrade of Interactive Maps

We are currently (26 May 2023) dealing with an upgrade to our website that includes various maps. These include Conservation Area and Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders and Flood Alleviation. We apologise for any inconvenience.


91,255 hectares (source: Office for National Statistics)


The latest (mid-2021) population estimates for Huntingdonshire is 181,800 (source: mid-2021 population estimates, Office for National Statistics).

The latest (mid-2020) population estimates for Huntingdonshire’s market towns are:

  • Huntingdon - 25,990

  • Ramsey - 8,220 (note: mid-2019 population estimate for the Ramsey/Bury built-up area, excluding Ramsey villages, was 7,765)

  • St Ives - 17,020

  • St Neots - 33,670

These estimates are based on best-fitting from lower level geographies so may not match parish boundaries exactly.

(Sources: Parish Population estimates for mid-2020 based on best-fitting of output areas to parishes, Office for National Statistics ;

Ramsey/Bury built-up area: Understanding towns in England and Wales: Population and demography, Office for National Statistics)