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We welcome asylum seekers, refugees and detainees who have fled persecution and danger in their own countries and seek refuge in Huntingdonshire. We want everyone who comes to live in Huntingdonshire to feel welcome here and be able to take advantage of all the district has to offer.

We will do all we can to support groups and organisations working in the district, UK and abroad to help refugees and people seeking asylum.

We hope that these pages provide you with useful information and sources of advice and help.

What involvement does HDC have?

Support for the people of Ukraine

We will:

  • undertake DBS checks on sponsors and their families

  • undertake household checks to ensure that sponsor families are appropriate for Ukrainian families

  • make the £200 arrival payments to Ukrainian guests to cover immediate food/essential costs

  • make the £350 payment to sponsors

  • provide guidance materials and support for residents and sponsors.

View the Support for the People of Ukraine page.


  • We provide housing advice and a homelessness prevention service and run a housing registry to which people can apply to access social housing via Home-Link (a choice-based letting system). Once registered, people can bid for houses (via social housing). People experiencing homelessness are encouraged to consult the housing register.

  • HDC is not a landlord - we work with housing association partners.

  • The work for refugee families involves:

    • matching up the families with housing associations that are willing to participate

    • getting the houses ready for the arrival of the families

    • providing essentials and making the families feel welcome.

If you would like to support the refugees that are residing in Huntingdonshire, please contact Amanda Turner at

View Local Support Available for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Huntingdonshire.

Asylum seekers

  • HDC is not the accountable organisation - it remains the responsibility of the Home Office to provide accommodation, food and NHS services for asylum seekers. However, we have worked closely with partners to identify local groups with relevant experience working with refugees and asylum seekers, as well as Refugee Community Groups (RCGs) in neighbouring areas.

  • The only hotel in the district contracted by the government to accommodate asylum seekers is the Dolphin Hotel in St Ives, run by Serco.

  • Representatives from local faith groups, community organisations and UK-based migrant specialists have met to help develop programme activities to help asylum seekers settle into British life, to raise funds and to coordinate other community support.

  • We have officers that work as an effective link between HDC, Serco and local community groups.

If you would like to support the asylum seekers that are residing in Huntingdonshire then please contact Amanda Turner at