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Environmental Issues

The main purpose of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for Huntingdonshire 2017 [PDF, 5.5MB] (SFRA) is to provide:

  • up-to-date information and guidance on flood risk
  • inform the selection of options for Local Plan allocations and
  • support determination of planning applications.

View the Appendices to the SFRA 2017.

The SFRA fulfils both Level One and Level Two SFRA requirements as detailed in national planning practice guidance.

SFRA 2017 map

Please refer to the SFRA report 2017 for explanations of the information shown on this map.

Map Legend

Flood Zones flood zone 2 Flood Zone 2 flood zone 3a Flood Zone 3a flood zone 3b Flood Zone 3b  
Climate Change Flood Risk central Central higher central Higher Central upper end Upper End  
Updated Flood Map for Surface Water 30 year extent 30 year extent 100 year extent 100 year extent 1000 year extent 1,000 year extent   
Areas Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding 75% Areas Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding  ≥ 75% 50% Areas Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding ≥ 50% < 75%  25% Areas Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding ≥ 25% < 50%  25% Areas Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding < 25% 
Flood Warning Coverage Flood Warning Coverage Flood warning area       

Please note:

  • Loading times may vary for the SFRA map layers
  • Although it is possible to zoom in to a low level on this map, the SFRA mapping is of a strategic nature and should not be used to assess flood risk for individual properties.


Appendix A: Level 2 Detailed Site Assessments

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Location Site

Fire Station [PDF, 0.4MB]

Thrapston Road North and West of Church Road [PDF, 0.5MB]

Lodge Farm [PDF, 1MB]

Main Street [PDF, 0.3MB]

North of Edison Bell Way [PDF, 0.4MB]

South of Edison Bell Way [PDF, 0.5MB]

Ermine Street/Edison Bell Way [PDF, 0.3MB]

Alconbury Weald [PDF, 1MB]

Gas Depot by Port Holm [PDF, 0.3MB]

North East of adjacent Alconbury Airfield [PDF, 0.7MB]

Chequer's Court [PDF, 0.9MB]

Brampton Park [PDF, 1MB]

Brampton Golf Course [PDF, 0.3MB]

 St Neots

Former Youth Centre, Priory Road [PDF, 0.3MB]

St Neots Fire Station and vacant land [PDF, 0.2MB]

Love's Farm Reserved Site [PDF, 0.3MB]

Cromwell Road North [PDF, 0.8MB]

Huntingdon Street [PDF, 0.3MB]

Riversfield, Little Paxton [PDF, 0.6MB]

St Mary's Urban Village [PDF, 0.5MB]

St Neots East [PDF, 1.5MB]


RGE Engineering [PDF, 0.4MB]

North of Clyde Farm [PDF, 0.6MB]

Tyrell's Marina [PDF, 0.4MB]

St Ives

Former Car Showroom, London Road [PDF, 0.4MB]

Vindis Car Showroom [PDF, 0.5MB]

Gifford's Park [PDF, 1MB]

Gifford's Farm [PDF, 0.3MB]

St Ives West [PDF, 1MB]

West of Cullum Farm, Hemingford Grey [PDF, 0.5MB]

West of London Road [PDF, 0.5MB]


Land East of Silver Street [PDF, 0.3MB]


Newtown Road [PDF, 0.2MB]

Ramsey Gateway [PDF, 0.3MB]

Ramsey Gateway (High Lode) [PDF, 0.3MB]

South of the Foundry [PDF, 0.3MB]


Bill Hall Way [PDF, 0.4MB]

East of Brookside [PDF, 0.2MB]

Appendix B: Watercourses in Huntingdonshire

Main Rivers [PDF, 3MB]

Awarded Watercourses [PDF, 2.5MB]

Ordinary Watercourses [PDF, 2.5MB]

IDB Watercourses [PDF, 2MB]

Appendix C: Flood Zone Mapping

Appendix D: Climate Change Mapping

Appendix D: Climate Change Mapping

Appendix E: Surface Water Mapping

Appendix F: Groundwater Mapping

Appendix G: Flood Warning Coverage

Please refer to the SFRA map for Appendices C-G.

SFRA 2010 mapping for Middle Level Commissioner Areas

For those villages which are entirely within Flood Zone 3 as defined in the 2017 SFRA only, the 2010 SFRA, which took account of flood defences, will be used as the basis for decision-making, and general market housing will only be permitted in areas shown as being in Flood Zone 1 as defined in that document.

Note [PDF, 26.5MB] tabled at the September 2017 Development Management Committee which sets out this information and the SFRA 2010 mapping for Middle Level Commissioner Areas.