Report air pollution

Anyone can make a report relating to smoke or odour that emerges from a property and affects residents to an unreasonable extent.

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Report Air Pollution

Air quality monitoring

Our Environmental Health team continually reviews and assesses air quality to make sure that traffic and industrial pollutants do not put public health at risk. This process involves air quality monitoring and pollutant dispersion modelling. If levels are found to above recognised public health standards, we will work with relevant parties to control and reduce levels.

There are four Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) in the district:

Monitoring undertaken within the St Neots AQMA has indicated continued compliance with the Air Quality Objectives for a number of years. We therefore commissioned an air quality consultant to complete a modelling exercise to determine whether or not there are likely to be any exceedances in the St Neots AQMA, in order to support the possible revocation of the AQMA status. View the report.

With the conclusions of this report and the support from Defra provided in their appraisal of our annual status report for 2016, we have started the process of revoking the St Neots AQMA.

We produce annual Air Quality Review and Assessment Reports and submit them to the government. Recent reports are available below - if you require any earlier reports please contact us.